Work packages

The DIDIDA project benefits from European Union and United Kingdom Research and Innovation funding and respects the required methodology by dividing the achievement of its different objectives into several work packages.

Work package 1

Research studies and research capacity development

WP leader: University of Glasgow

This work package aims to increase research capacity of sub-Saharan African countries in Infectious Diseases.

Public deliverables:

  • Reports on research activities

Work package 2

Technology development

WP leader: Mologic

This work package focuses on co-developing between African and EU partners a low-cost diagnostic testing solution, combined with a mobile phone-based app, and deep learning decision support tool.

Public deliverables:

  • Prototype of a point of care sensors
  • User centric design report
  • Final m-Health technology report

Work package 3

Integration of the new technology into existing health data infrastructures

WP leader: PharmAccess

This work package aims to integrate the new solution with existing mobile phone and health data infrastructures in sub-Saharan countries and provide access to it to health workers and authorities.

Public deliverables:

  • Ethical issues report
  • Technology integration report
  • Report on economic value of interventions

Work package 4

Clinical trials

    WP leader: KCMC

    This work package focuses on organising clinical trials and train sub-Saharan African countries researcher to plan their own.

      Work package 5

      Early-stage researchers career development

      WP leader: KEMRI

      The purpose of this work package is to develop opportunities for early-stage researchers in sub-Saharan African countries to develop their own scientific careers.

      Public deliverables:

      • Early-stage researchers training and brokerage events reports

      Work package 6&7

      Dissemination, exploitation, communication and Project management

      WP leader: Innotrope

      These work packages are about disseminating, exploiting, and communicating about the project and the project results, coordinating the consortium, administrating the project, reporting the results and managing issues.
      Public deliverables:

      • Dissemination, exploitation and communication plan and reviews
      • Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) report
      • Project website
      • Data management plan

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